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  1. Brazshura Reply

    Jul 24,  · CNBC oblivious to what this means for the economy. Trend broken of declining unemployment. A dollar crisis is much worse than a financial crisis. Wall Street learned nothing from Running length

  2. Tegul Reply

    Oblivious usually has to do with not being conscious or aware of someone or something. When used with this meaning, it can be followed by either to or of: The cat had crept in silently, and we were oblivious to its presence in the room.

  3. Yorg Reply

    oblivious definition: 1. not conscious of something, especially what is happening around you: 2. not conscious of. Learn more.

  4. Tojabei Reply

    Before a person can stop being oblivious they have to learn to be responsible for the things they cause. They have to know how to admit when they are wrong. This is a very hard thing to do and most people never will. That's why there is so much oblivion in the world IMO.

  5. Kagagor Reply

    I am ugly duckling, so there are times when I am still super oblivious to when a guy is blatantly hitting on me. I was really unattractive in high school, so the first time ever that I guy hit on me it went completely over my head. It still happens to this day.

  6. Goltizshura Reply

    Synonyms for oblivious include ignorant, incognizant, insensible, unaware, unconscious, heedless, unobservant, clueless, unacquainted and blind. Find more similar.

  7. Voodoobei Reply

    Oblivious and happy to remain blissfully ignorant. If they acknowledge it then they’ll have to act or intentionally choose not to. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just your run of the mill DB. Anyways my fiancee and I decided to go camping this past weekend as we were both feeling heavily stressed amid this fucking pandemic. We wanted to.

  8. Mesar Reply

    It's a lack of understanding, and it can be a sad thing, depending on what it is. It happens in relationships a lot, one person will be growing apart, and the other will think nothing is wrong, and continue their pattern leading to more growing ap.

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