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    Aug 07,  · Nicolette Larson (July 17, – December 16, ) was an American pop singer. She is perhaps best known for her work in the late s with .

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    Oct 30,  · Gotta Lotta Lyrics: Hey,Hey,Hey,Hey / Listen.. / Gotta lotta shit to prove / Lotta shit to say / Lotta motherfuckers really wanna see me dead / Gotta Lotta shit to do / Lotta shit to dare / Lotta.

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    Lotta dope Gotta lotta dope Ba-ba-da-bo [Chorus – Lil Wayne] Ba-da-ba-da-be Ba-ba-da-bo Ba-ba-da-bo We gotta lotta dope, we gotta lotta coke We got weed, that’s a lotta smoke Yeah, that’s that loud I hope And we gotta lotta dope Ba-ba-da-bo [Verse 1 – Lil Wayne] Okay we gotta lotta dope We got the hotter hoes I said we done shot a lot.

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    I said we gotta lotta dope, we gotta lotta coke We got weed, that's a lot of smoke Yeah, that's that loud I hope We gotta lotta dope, we gotta lotta dope Ba-ba-da-bope. Big dreams, big rings, big chains Switch lanes, sip lean Sixteen, seventeen, Medellin Favorite color money green A .

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    Gotta Lotta Gelata.

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    However, Larson's own recollection was that the suggestion she record "Lotta Love" originated with Neil Young, with whom she had formed a personal relationship while backing him vocally on American Stars 'n Bars. The publishers of Neil Young News quoted Larson as saying: "I got that song off a tape I found lying on the floor of Neil's car.

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    Lotta Love Lyrics: It's gonna take a lotta love / To change the way things are / It's gonna take a lotta love / Or we won't get too far / So if you look in my direction / And we don't see eye to eye.

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    Gotta Lotta Lyrics: Lotta dope / Gotta lotta dope / Ba-ba-da-bope / Da-ba-da-ba-deee, da-ba-da-bope / Ba-ba-da-bope / We gotta lotta dope / We gotta lotta coke / We got weed, that's a lotta smoke.

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