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    Though letter writer Ken Hirsch (Saturday Letters, June 2) is offended by the term "concentration camp" when applied to this country's World War II internment of its Japanese American citizens, Webster's nonetheless defines such a facility as "a camp where persons (as prisoners of war, political prisoners or refugees) are detained or confined.".

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    Mar 30,  · Nikkei Album; Items; Internment Camp - , New Denver, B.C. Internment Camp - , New Denver, B.C. Enlarge: Licensing: World War II; JCCC — Last modified Mar 30 p.m. Part of these albums. Life in the Canadian Internment and POW Camps JCCC.

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    The best known of all the Civil War camps today is Andersonville. Officially designated Camp Sumter, the prison stockade was located in south-central Georgia, about 20 miles from Plains. More than 45 Union soldiers were confined there between February , when the first prisoners arrived, and April , when it was captured. Of these,

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    Soldiers and war supplies had to be carried overseas to the war in Europe, but there were not enough American merchant ships to get the job done. So, ships needed to be built, but there was not much time or money available. President Wilson decided to look for an internment camp to hold the internees. The ideal site had to have a mild.

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    Civil War Adventure Camp America’s First Permanent Civil War Experience. Live the Life of a Civil War Soldier! Travel back in time to the s and enter the world of a Civil War soldier. As a newly enlisted private, you will don your uniform, shoulder your musket, and march off to a new adventure!

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    Internment is also occasionally used to describe a neutral country's practice of detaining belligerent armed forces and equipment on its territory during times of war, under the Hague Convention of Interned persons may be held in prisons or in facilities known as internment camps, also known as concentration camps.

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    May 28,  · Nearly million people were deported to the Auschwitz camp, alone, in Nazi-occupied Poland, and more than million perished at that camp. By the end, 6 .

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    The largest internment camp in Australia during World War One was at Holsworthy, near Liverpool on the outskirts of Sydney. The camp held between 4, and 5, internees, most were either from the Austro-Hungarian empire, staff of German companies temporarily living in Australia, crews of vessels caught in Australian ports and naturalised and.

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