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    Mar 23,  · How to tell if you are over wolfing for Waves. What is over wolfing explained for beginners and experts. Best tips to combat over curling during long wolfing sessions. Hope y’all enjoy ocean.

  3. Dataur Reply

    Wolfing makes your waves deeper and bigger but you might not get the big waves you see on some people’s hair because every ones hair is different and your hair might get to a certain point where your waves don’t get any bigger like full black people. What is your grain???

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  5. Meztimi Reply

    A: Double up on this process just as you would with the products. If you shampoo your hair 2 times a week then make it 4 times a week. I hope I’ve answered your questions about wolfing. I wish you all the best on wolfing and on your journey to achieving waves. Don’t forget you have what it takes to have deep and more connected waves.

  6. Taurg Reply

    Mar 08,  · Why wolf? If you want to make faster progress on your wave journey, wolfing will be your best friend because it helps get the job faster and that’s why you want to wolf. I reccommend, for coarse hair waver to wolf for 4 weeks at the minimum. That means you should only get 1 haircut per month at the most. Wolfing saves progress and also allows new .

  7. Nalabar Reply

    Dec 05,  · Wolfing is the act of growing your hair out while maintaining the wave hairstyle. The wolfing process lasts 4 to 10 weeks and requires a long length (about a 3 with the grain) to start the process. Going weeks without cutting your hair allows your waves to be deeper and allows you to correct your wave pattern.

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    Radio Wolf & Parallels. Rock 'n' Roll Forever. by Radio Wolf. Original Songs - Songwriter / Producer. Song On The Radio (ft. Marika Gauci) Radio Wolf. Rock 'n' Roll Forever (ft. Sarah Blackwood) Radio Wolf. Thank you! Back To Top. [email protected]

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    Wolfing is when you grow your hair out to get waves. Why do you have to grow your hair out to get waves? Because your hair is a coil and if the coil is not long enough there wont be enough ‘S’ shapes in the coil to create the wave effect when you brush your hair down. So how is .

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