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    Definition of make it up to (someone): to do something helpful or good for (someone one has hurt or treated wrongly) He'd neglected his children and wanted to make it up to them by spending more time with them.

  2. Samuhn Reply

    Define make up. make up synonyms, make up pronunciation, make up translation, English dictionary definition of make up. v. made, mak·ing, makes v. tr. 1. To cause to exist or happen; bring about; create: made problems for us; making a commotion. 2. To bring into existence.

  3. Kajinris Reply

    Inglés. Español. make it up to [sb] v expr. verbal expression: Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb--for example, "put their heads together," "come to .

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    Synonyms for make up for at quepifolkfenkersdigeslitopssipekas.coinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for make up for.

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    May 19,  · Make It Up Lyrics: I can understand if you're bored / But I don't ever want to be alone / Heart of plastic / Break bad habits / Always imagine the worst / I'm trying to convince myself / That you're.

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    make it up to sb definition: 1. to do something good for someone you have upset, in order to become friends with them again: 2. Learn more. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus.

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    May 11,  · the world to meet the amazing fans that make it all possible. Subscribe to hear great music, join me and discover my story (with behind-the-scenes videos and vlogs) and make sure you never miss an.

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    4. make up work that was missed due to absence at a later point; "I have to make up a French exam" "Can I catch up with the material or is it too late?" 5. make up something artificial or untrue; 6. put in order or neaten; "make the bed" "make up a room" 7. come to terms; "After some discussion we finally made up".

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